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Amazing rescue from a burning building!
A five alarm fire in an unfinished apartment building in Houston.

Camera falls from a sky diving airplane and lands in a pig pen.
The camera is found 8 months later and still works.

the best street drummer of all time

A homeless dog living in a trash pile gets rescued, and then does something amazing! Please share.

[updated] The Red Panda Acrobat Flips 5 Bowls onto Her Head - halftime at the Knicks vs. Wizards basketball game.

kid getting humped by a dog while playing video games.

This is Canada: Out for a Rip

funny reenactment of a petty teen flame war on youtube.

Why we have blind spots - and how to see the blood vessels inside your own eye!

trapped in an IKEA prank.

To Tumblr, Love Metalab